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By referencing sketches and rough drafts we will work with you on solving your issue, or making your ideas a physical product. After the project is completed we use the customer's feedback to make alterations, eliminate any flaws, and perfecting the design.

Custom 3D Design

Instant 3D Printing

Laser Cutting

Custom 3D Design

We can take on a variety of design jobs large or small. Whether you are looking for a custom angle block to fit any of our 3D Printed Recording Cases, or had a incredible shower idea that you need some assistance putting together. We have the software and abilities to draft a model and have a prototype in your hands in a timely manor.


For more information or to request a custom design quote fill out the form below...

$16/Hour for most design jobs

**Design fees may be waived at our discretion if design has the potential to exceed fees with product sales.

Custom 3D Printing

Use our Custom 3D quoting page to receive an instant quote on any 3D job. Our three step process makes it extremely ease to get your custom print in hand in a timely manor.


Simply upload any design in any common file format (i.e. .STL,.OBJ.,etc.). Choose your options and proceed to placing your custom order. See more information here


*Variety of materials, colors, and custom color patterns available.

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Laser Cutting Services

We have expanded our fabrication horizon by adding a 700x500mm 100W laser cutting machine to our arsenal. Laser cutting services are available for a variety of materials and jobs. We are happy to work with you on your custom request. Some of the materials we offer engraving and cutting services for are...







*Ask us about custom jobs, we love to talk machines!

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